3D Hologram and Studio Tour

You or a friend to appear as a 3D Hologram in an upcoming mobile game. You will need to be in-person at LA studio, upon re-opening, we will give you some lines, record your hologram and voila the magical team at ePlay Digital will create a hologram and role for you to play in the game.
Become your own hologram using cutting edge 3D video technology and stand virtually beside Howie in his upcoming AR game.
You might be cast to help find Howie, or to help him find hand sanitizer. You or somebody you love will be immortalized in the upcoming Howie Go Viral mobile game forever. So, become a part by doing your part to help.
Travel costs to Los Angeles and to the studio are not provided and are the full responsibility of the donor. All proceeds to Breakout the Masks. Studio appearance to be scheduled and mutually agreed upon.


Donate to protect doctors, nurses, and frontline workers

Every dollar counts in the duel against droplets. Help fight the mask shortage in hospitals everywhere and join Howie Mandel in the fight against Coronavirus.


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